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    Jacoby & Meyers is the largest and most familiar full-service consumer law firm in the U.S. For more than 40 years we have focused on each person’s legal issues one at a time. We are never too big or too busy to handle your legal issues personally. We’re here to answer your questions, calm your fears, handle your legal matters and lead your fight for the justice you deserve.

    Jacoby & Meyers is dedicated to making sure that quality legal representation is available for everyone – not just the wealthy. Our mission is to protect the rights of average citizens. We represent people, not big corporations and insurance companies.

    The legal system can be intimidating. We know how it works, and we will use that knowledge to your advantage. Our whole approach is centered around you. We have offices all across America, and we’ve pioneered ways of making legal services more convenient and more affordable for everyone.


    Leonard Jacoby and Stephen Meyers (1943-1996) met while attending UCLA School of Law, and a few years later, they opened their first law office in Van Nuys, California on September 13, 1972. The pair believed the vast majority of middle income Americans were underserved. The wealthy could easily afford expensive legal services, and the poor could turn to free legal aid, but the middle class had few options. The founders chose the location of their first office in a San Fernando Valley shopping center because they wanted it to be more convenient and more easily accessible for the average person. For their grand opening, Jacoby & Meyers invited a consumer group to hold an open house at the firm, which got extensive news coverage by local media; so much, in fact, that it got them in trouble with the California Bar Association. The bar asserted that talking to the media about their unheard of approach to practicing law amounted to advertising, which was prohibited by the bar’s code of ethics. After challenging the bar’s code of ethics, the California Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting lawyers from giving media interviews violated their right to free speech.  In a separate case in 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Bates v. Arizona State Bar that attorneys should be allowed to advertise like any other business. One day after the high court’s ruling, Jacoby & Meyers ran their first ad in the Los Angeles Times. A few days later, the firm broadcast the first TV ad for attorneys in the U.S. The firm’s groundbreaking investment in advertising led to Jacoby & Meyers eventually becoming known as “America’s Most Familiar Law Firm.”

    Jacoby & Meyers grew quickly throughout Southern California, and became a national firm in 1979 with the opening of offices in New York and New Jersey, managed by Gail Koff (1945-2010,) who became the third partner. Gail also wrote several books to give consumers a better understanding of the law and their rights, including The Jacoby & Meyers Practical Guide to Everyday Law in 1985, Jacoby & Meyers Guide to Divorce in 1991, and Jacoby & Meyers Practical Guide to Personal Injury in 1992.

    Jacoby & Meyers has revolutionized the practice of law by allowing every person to have access to legal services.