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  • Dangerous and Defective Drugs

    Drugs and products may have been intended to help you with a disease, but often they end up harming you in unintended ways. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have an obligation to make sure their drugs are safe for consumers. When a dangerous drug or a defective drug causes you serious personal injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages.

    Often, pharmaceutical companies are aware of the harmful side effects caused by their drugs, yet they do nothing to warn consumers or make the drugs safer for consumption. While a drug recall may be necessary to ensure the safety of consumers, it may cost the manufacturer billions of dollars in profits. Sadly, many drug makers place profits above consumer safety.

    Types of Defective and Dangerous Drugs

    Shore Dombrowski Law Firm, PC has helped injured victims receive the compensation they deserve since 1972.  Some of the defective drug claims (including harmful drugs subject to recalls) we have handled involve:

    There are many other examples of defective drugs. If you have suffered an injury from taking a dangerous drug that is not on this list, we can provide you with aggressive representation that will give you the greatest chance of a favorable settlement outcome.

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