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  • Wrongful Death

    Nothing can take away the pain caused by knowing the death of your loved one could have been prevented. Compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit serves to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. In fact, other then criminal accountability it is the only method the law allows to hold people responsible for the damages they cause others by their negligence.  At Shore Dombrowski Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the full recourse permitted by the law.

    What is Wrongful Death?

    A wrongful death is a situation that occurs when a preventable death was a direct result of someone else’s negligent action, or failure to take action. A wrongful death claim can be brought against a number of different people in a variety of situations.

    Wrongful death claims include every type of accidental death, regardless of the specific cause. Some common causes for a wrongful death include:

    Family Members who Can File Suit in a Wrongful Death Claim

    In Arizona a spouse, child, or parent of a wrongful death victim is able to bring a claim to recover damages. You may be entitled to collect damages for:

    • Medical expenses
    • Funeral expenses
    • Loss of companionship/relationship
    • Emotional pain and suffering.

    If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, contact Shore Dombrowski Law Firm, PC to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.